Cooked Homemade Food Catering

Every Friday and on Holiday Eves we hold a food catering selling a variety of cooked traditional dishes that can be purchased by weight.

The largest choice of cooked homemade food in Eilat and the Arava valley attracts hundreds of people every week – tourists and locals who decide to give up shopping and cooking and choose to buy fresh, high quality and delicious homemade food.

The catering offers a variety of over 120 different dishes, including salads, side dishes, fish, poultry, meat, vegetarian and vegan dishes, gluten-free dishes, sushi, freshly baked sweet & savory pastries and more…

Opening Hours

Every Friday 8am-2pm

The locals have long since classed Capot Tmarim as their favourite venue for purchasing cooked food for Friday night dinners and testify that purchasing food here has become an integral part of their Friday routine, thus enabling them to skip hours of preparation and to rediscover the tranquility of Shabbat.

The variety, quality, service and price are unmatched in the entire ​​Eilat and Arava region.


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