Traditional Kibbutz Breakfast

Come an enjoy a delicious open buffet breakfast overlooking breathtaking vistas of the Edom Mountains on the east, the Eilat Mountains on the west, the Gulf of Eilat to the south and the beautiful grounds of kibbutz that captivate you as soon as you arrive.

  • Omelet – made to your choice
  • A Variety of Cheeses
  • Slightly Spicy Shakshouka
  • 2 hot side servings- changed on a daily basis (gratin, pizza, quiches etc.)
  • Salted Fish
  • Salad Bar –fresh vegetables to make your choice of salad
  • Homemade Salads
  • Orange & Grapefruit Juice
  • Coffee Station – a variety of coffees
  • A Selection of Seasonal Fruits