Capot Tmarim

Come and enjoy real homemade food in the southernmost kibbutz of the world! Right at the entrance to the city of Eilat, surrounded by enchanting landscapes of the Gulf of Eilat and the Edom Mountains, Capot Tamrim restaurant serves a variety of traditional dishes, casseroles, grilled meats and a selection of colorful and rich salads.

The vivid desert landscape, green lawns, trees and plants harmoniously blend to provide a magical oasis.

Capot Tmarim, a kosher restaurant under the supervision of the Eilat Rabbinate, offers a variety of meals, catering services, ready cooked dishes to take home , by weight and is the perfect place to holds private and business events.


Near Eilat

Groups are invited


Capot Tmarim restaurant is renowned worldwide! The chef is well known for his innovative creativity and combining various ethnic and traditional dishes with contemporary cuisine, to provide delicious culinary creations.

The restaurant was established in 1985, on Kibbutz Eilot. As the kibbutz developed and new members joined, the dining room was built to cater for kibbutz members, holiday makers staying at the kibbutz and residents of Eilat .

Later, the dining room became a restaurant.

Over the years, the restaurant has become a kosher restaurant, expanded its range of services to include catering for private and business events both in the kibbutz and at other venues. The restaurant also launched a ready-food catering service on Fridays and Holiday Eves and to host diners from Israel and abroad for traditional Friday night dinners.